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Lan Messenger: Stable Operating in The Network of Any Size

Today, more and more companies like give up free public messengers based on Internet connection due to a number of reasons:

    • They can cause confidential information leaks;
    • Staff time is often spent on useless chatting with the family or friends;
  • They don’t include elements of corporate culture.

Another option, a reliable lan messenger is economically viable. There are a lot of variations designed and optimized specifically for small / mid-sized businesses or large corporations. They are distinguished by a combination of features:

    • reliability;
    • user-friendly interface;
  • low price (the cost of one license could be 5$).

As for the functionality, in addition to sending instant messages and transferring files, they also include other useful working tools, such as:

    • creating virtual rooms with an unlimited number of participants;
    • messages to all employees;
    • message history record;
  • contacts base.

If necessary, any of the functions of lan messenger can be disabled by the administrator.

Technical Aspects

A simple and convenient office messenger for off-line discourse is designed to operate equally perfect in the office network of any size. The ability to create local multi-user chat rooms between employees is a major pre-condition for collaborative and productive work, while support for Microsoft /Citrix terminal services, as well as several extensions, makes such business messenger a unique product in its class.

So with lan chat, it is unnecessary to use shared folders, FTP, and other virtual storage services, especially since this secure messaging does not require Internet. Thus you may be sure of several things:

    • secret valuable info does not go beyond the local network;
  • an office activity doesn’t depend on the quality and stability of the Internet connection.

Local apps for corporate communication are easy to install and deploy within the company’s network through Domain Group Policies. The chat is decentralized which saves on hardware. It’s very beneficial variant and in this case, the scale of your business and the number of employees do not matter at all.  

Latest Innovations

The mobile (Android) version of the client-server application for an internal business discourse in local format has been released too. It provides almost the full functionality of the original version: you can also send text info, share docs and pictures and use voice communication. Among the most popular features of the mobile app is an instant sending of photos from the camera of your phone or tablet as well as audio messaging.

General channels in which you can discuss various issues or share your impressions are also fully accessible to the user along with the ability to send or receive the required files without the help of third-party programs. So the business world can enjoy its own medium for communication and rely on it with full confidence.