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LAN messenger: enhancing team cooperation in corporate projects

Workplace environment implies constant interaction and cooperation, while the technology used by your employees or colleagues may either accelerate or stifle it. A large-scale corporate project like LAN project  is a demanding task, requiring effective teamwork and coordination of actions between various departments within a company. Each of the project team members must receive timely updates on the progress, while documents and files must be shared, received and dealt with quickly. Here, LAN messenger may prove indispensable. Its features significantly enhance and streamline workplace data flow. Let’s focus on some of the features of this chat application that will boost your teamwork.

Easier contact management

In LAN messenger, your contact list may be modified to correspond to the company hierarchy, with employees grouped by department, or in any other way preferable for the user. Thus, a LAN messenger contact list may include “Top management”, “Production Department”, “Sales”, etc. This makes finding a contact, especially in large companies, incomparably easier.

Group communication options

With a LAN messenger, you may easily reach out to the whole Sales Department, sending messages, files or even folders quickly and conveniently.  Forget about email attachment size restrictions – drag and drop your files or even folders, and they will be transferred to individual employees or whole contact groups. Here, there are two options:

    • Broadcast messages: select a group on your contact list to send a message to all its members at once, modifying the list of recipients if necessary.
  • Group conversations: select the first user and invite others to join the chat. Group conversations allow staff members to hold discussions within their team, adding or excluding recipients as they wish.

Both of these features allow a recently introduced option called “Broadcast data transfer” – that is, sending files to several contacts at once. There are no restrictions on the number of files. You may always track the transfer progress in the message window or leave it running in the background to tackle other tasks. Moreover, you may even do so if the recipient is offline – all files and messages will still be securely delivered to their computer.

Enhanced safety

With LAN messenger, all messages exchanged within the local network are encrypted and never leave it. In comparison with email and online alternatives easily susceptible to hacking or virus attacks, LAN messenger is a wise way to boost security.

Overall, this application will enhance workplace cooperation by improving and speeding up the flow of data within and between project teams, allowing documents and files to be exchanged quickly and easily, and whole departments to be contacted within seconds. No more tedious email forwarding, no more troublesome file size restrictions or concerns about unauthorized access. With LAN messenger, even large-scale projects are completed faster, and many barriers to effective team communication are eliminated.