Offline Сhat

Offline Сhat: Low Cost and Flexible Licensing Options

Lan chat is a perfect solution for a corporate discourse. The benefits are obvious:

    • P2P technology (architecture envisages that each participant is both a client and a server);
  • Communication that independent of the stability of the Internet channel (does not require Internet access at all).

Lan messenger has the following features:

    • ability to transfer the shared files;
    • shows pop-up notifications and optionally includes sound notifications;
    • all contacts can be divided into groups (to simplify the management);
  • a detailed message log is kept (all correspondence is saved and can be viewed) and much more.

But what about the legal framework for a lan chat? In fact, the main document that defines the rights and obligations of the user of the software is the license agreement, which is attached to the purchased or free download product, either in paper form or in electronic form. This agreement defines the rules for the use of this version of the app. In fact, the license acts as a guarantee that the developer, which owns the exclusive rights to the program, will not sue the one who uses it. In other words, the programming hubs set a specific security framework for using their soft and hardware like

Let’s consider the basic options for business messenger available on the market:

    • OEM. Pre-installed software is one of the cheapest options. It is used in the PC. This is one of the cheapest options. Due to the fact that the user purchases software together with the computer (gadget) or server and can only be used on the purchased PC.
    • Full Package Product. The “boxed” product is mainly used for retail and is suitable for individuals or small businesses. Permission to use the software on one device gives the purchase of one “box” and no matter how many people will use this PC or tablet.
    • Volume Licensing. A corporate license is convenient for companies that have a lot of employees, computers, and therefore you need to purchase a lot of licenses. At the same time, the company receives one registered software license, which contains information about the customer (name, address, etc.), a list of software and keys for its installation. Basically, with such a legal scheme, software developers or distributors offer significant discounts, technical support, solutions to non-standard situations, etc. Today, it is the best for buying new software or updating it for companies.
  • Subscription. Subscribing to app’s licensing involves making monthly or annual payments. This scheme is convenient for companies that buy more than 10 licenses. It allows users to get almost all the main benefits of using this product at minimal initial costs.

Anyway, the good news is that almost any windows messenger operates under GNU or General Public License which envisage free use or gives the room for modification on the low payment basis.